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Tattoo Artist

Arianna Britt

A New York expat who's been calling Connecticut her home for more than a decade, Ari is a breakout artist that's carving her name into everyone's hearts. Having taken a special interest in American Traditional and Fineline tattoos with an affinity for bold color, Ari's been perfecting her work day-by-day and learning from some of the best hands and minds of the trade. She has a penchant for cover-up pieces and reworks as well as a proclivity for unique flash tattoos. Art has been a lifelong passion in both the two-dimensional and three-dimensional form. Ari partakes in a wide variety of mediums beyond the staples of pencil and ink. She enjoys exercising her creativity through sculpture as well by means of crochet, knitting, earthenwares/clay and polymer.

Please contact AJ for booking a tattoo.

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