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Tattoo Artist 

Jazzlynn was born in Hawaii, and relocated to Connecticut in the 90s. She has always had an interest in the arts, and her parents encouraged her to choose a career that she would be excited and passionate about. Her participation in her high school's fine arts program cemented her interest, and she went on to receive a bachelor's degree from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in 2018.

In Spring of 2017, Jazzlynn spent a semester studying fine arts abroad in Prato, Italy, and taking weekly train trips to Firenze (Florence) to study the works of the masters first hand.

Jazzlynn has been tattooing since the end of 2021 and aspires to be as successful as every artist that has contributed to her tattooing journey thus far.

She is ready to take on new challenges with tattooing, and hopes to specialize in black-and-gray realism and pointillism.


Please contact AJ for booking a tattoo.

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