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Tattoo Artist

Vik Geck

Vik Geck was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to New England in 2017 to start a new life after finishing an associates degree from College of Southern Nevada. After completing a Bachelors degree of Psychology Vik decided to take their passion for art and working with people to the next level and became an apprentice in 2022 with Midnight Angel Studio and has since become a professional tattoo artist in 2023. Vik enjoys other types of work as well as their business selling and working with insect
taxidermy and selling hand made art at local fairs throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Vik’s art tends to be on a bit of the weirder side of things, but then again, why not be a little weird and enjoy it? Vik tends to take inspiration from Don Bluth, Matt Groenig and Seth McFarland when it comes to her own original cartooning style. Vik is always up to the challenge of almost any tattoo style, however Vik really enjoys New School, Neotraditional, Glitter Style, Sticker/decal style,
Nerdy/Anime and Black and gray WITH color. Vik also has a passion for the following subjects: Pokemon, Anime, Insects (Moths and butterflies in particular) and anything that would be considered cartoonish or strange.

You can follow Vik on Instagram @Tats_For_Thought (Link under pic)


You can also send an email inquiry to Vik’s Email at

Please contact AJ for booking a tattoo.

9AM - 6:30PM

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