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Massage Therapist

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Massage Services


Swedish Massage - light pressure massage with a goal of relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage - medium to deep pressure massage with goal of relaxation and working out some areas of pain or discomfort.

Deep Tissue - deep pressure massage meant to work out tough problem areas and help to improve range of motion

Himalayan Salt Stone - heated salt stones are used to give a massage with the added benefit of the heat to relax you and the salt. Himalayan sald is great for relieving muscle and joint pain and reducing inflammation. Emits negative ions for deeper sense of relaxation.

Cupping Therapy - can be added on to therapeutic and deep tissue massages. Silicone cups are used to life and separate muscles and fascia. Deep work without feeling like someone digging into you. great for scar tissue. Brings oxygenated blood up to the area to help the muscle relax. Can leave temporary marks. Not for people on blood thinners, fragile skin, clotting issues etc.

Shoulder Unwind - I just made this up as it's popular to just want upper body work. All upper body - back, shoulders, arms.

Reiki - energy work. No massage. Hands are placed lightly on (or over) a client. I have it listed as it's own service or can be done as an add on to a massage.

I became a Reiki Master in 2015 in the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of reiki.  That same year, I began attending the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Groton, CT.  After graduating from CCMT in 2016, I spent time as a teacher’s assistant at the massage school.  

Since becoming a massage therapist, I have expanded my practice to include cupping therapy, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, and myofascial techniques.  I love volunteering and have volunteered massage and reiki at a hospice and at various community events .  I do chair massage at many different venues.  I’ve recently added sound healing using tuning forks to my offerings.

I love to offer a variety of techniques to really fit the service to that person’s needs and goals.

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